Well spring has arrived at last despite the fact that it’s only December. As the moon is right we started to cut some ash trees under the telephone line today. Telecom (bastards) came when we were in England a while back and put up a new line for our neighbour over our land and instead of taking care to follow the original line just strung the new one willy-nilly between the poles and weaving it through the trees. So now we have 15-20 meter trees trapped between phone lines and of course if we pull the lines down or if one of our trees falls on them we are responsible. Bastards! (or did I already say that?). Luckily I have a very long 3-section ladder and managed to get up above the lines to lop the branches and one fork on each tree before cutting them at the base. The sad thing is that not only are the trees budding but when I cut them the lymph is still rising and rising strongly. It was literally gushing

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 Knappers Profile


     This week we are honored to profile none other than Michael Miller, the esteemed creator of flintknappers.com, one of the more elite flintknapping sites on the internet.

Born: Canton , Ohio

Current Home: Louisville , Ohio

When you started Knapping: 1992 (age 12)

Why you started Knapping: I met flintknapper Carl Fry at a gem & mineral show. He was demonstrating flintknapping and I was amazed. I had collected arrowheads with my grandfather since I was little. He showed me the basics and got me started.

Your favorite Stone: Upper Mercer Flint – Nellie Blue

Your favorite point to Knap: Kirk Corner-notch

Background: I’ve always collected rocks; I started collecting them when I started walking according to my Mom. In my childhood, I frequented meetings of the Stark County Gem & Mineral Club and the Sugarcreek Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Ohio. I owe a great debt to these groups for mentoring and supporting me. I completed an undergraduate degree in Archaeology at the College of Wooster ( Wooster , Ohio ) and a Masters in Experimental Archeology at the University of Exeter ( Exeter , Great Britain ). I now work as an Archeological Lithic Analyst for a cultural resource management (salvage archeology) firm.

Favorite Knapper: My favorite knapper is Don Crabtree. His experiments in lithic technology began a new age in scientific archeology and begat a modern knapping fraternity that I am proud to be part of.

Suggestions for new knappers: The most valuable suggestion I can make to a “new” knapper is to knap often and to knap with other knappers. We’ll joke that it takes “Time and Tonnage” to learn but, there is truth in that statement not just humor. Knapping with fellow knappers is enjoyable and often an educational experience; asking about platform preparation and striking angle can spark insight and larger spalls.

General comments: Flintknapping is an art form. We’ve discovered and mastered numerous techniques to create lithic art. Some knap to understand the archeology and others knap towards perfection and art. Let’s embrace our art and our dialogue.

Your Website Address: http://www.FlintKnappers.com

 Reknowned rock hound and knapper extraordinaire Michael Miller



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