Interested in placing an ad with Knappers Classified? There are a few simple rules to go by.

1) All ads must be knapping, Native Americana, or Archaeologically related.

2) You must contact us immediately if any changes are made to the ad.

3) You must supply us with all ad information, contact information, and graphics if you wish. (Graphics must be fairly small)

4) Treat your customers fairly. If you get bad feedback, your ad will be removed.

5) You must send us one of your points. Just kidding, but if you get the urge.....

CLICK HERE to contact us regarding running an ad in the Knappers Classifieds.

All Ads are free! We will never charge you for anything. Nevertheless, we are completely supported by donations. Anyone making a donation of any amount will automatically get their ads moved to the beginning of the page. Those who do not, their ads will be moved down as each new ad is put on the page. Donations get your ad a permanent early spot on the page. The larger the donation, the earlier your spot will be. The highest monthly donation gets the very top right hand corner of the classifieds.

If you feel led to, click below to make a donation of any amount.


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